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T70HGc  100% Solid Tropical Silkwood Harp Guitar


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Add Factory Installed Electronics - any combo $699

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SILKWOOD:  As supplies of Rosewood, once the most sought after timber for guitar making in the world, have dwindled from over harvesting, many other species of timber have been tested for their resonance, tone, durability and beauty.  We have found and tested a timber that exceeds our expectations.  Players of high acclaim such as international fingerstyle champion Don Alder and YouTube sensation Jamie Dupuis have compared it to Rosewood in live A-B teseting and confirm our opinion that Silkwood is more than a worthy successor to Rosewood for it's rich, forceful and dynamic tone.  Silkwood is known by many names around the world;  In English it is known as white siris, forest siris, tall albizia or brown albizia . It is harvested throughout India, Southeast Asia and northern Australia.

Timberline recommends a dual output system - a piezo under saddle pickup and bridgeplate transducer combination (1st output) combined with a dedicated system for the sub-bass strings.  The system will have two 1/4" output jacks to support two cables to two amplifier inputs

• For melody strings:  • LR Baggs AnthemSL or • K&K Mini

• For sub-bass: •  Sixtus surface mount or • K&K Mini

Silkwood harp guitars by Timberline® are rich, dynamic instruments with unprecedented bass response enhancing the low sub–bass courses on this phenomenal acoustic-orchestral instrument.  The T70HGc also sounds astonishing when played acoustically or with amplification.

Add Pro Gig Bag - $200 

Order by Email to or call 1•888•610•5551

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