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Return/Refund Policy

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied and absolutely happy with the Timberline® guitar purchased from this website, return it to Timberline® Guitars within ten (10) days of your receipt in new condition, with all original packaging for a full refund of the purchase price*. Please call 1-888-610-5551 opt 2 (Tech Support) for a Return Merchandise Authorization and shipping instruction.

*Instruments submitted for this 10 Day Return policy must be unmodified and in new condition and in all original packaging. Instruments with any modification, including pick up systems, (even pick up systems ordered from and installed by Timberline® will not be returnable under this offer. Any and all returns/exchanges must be approved by Timberline® Guitars in advance. 15% restocking fee applies.

Billing Terms & Conditions

Ordering: When a customer order placed on our website or by an email to our order desk or by a call to our toll-free order line number or directly by communication with any Timberline® officer, representative or employee you will receive a confirming email describing the order, pricing and terms in full. This may be in the form of a confirmation email from or may take the form of an emailed QuickBooks Invoice containing the same information. The QuickBooks invoice will contain a live link to a payment form which can accept multiple form of payment online. When payment is made on the invoice a copy of that invoice with the balance due or notification of a fully paid will be sent to the customer immediately.

All Timberline® products are subject to availability. Photos, videos, text descriptions displayed on our website at represent an invitation to the public to purchase products displayed. When you place your order for said products an offer is considered made for the products and the invoice following will be our acceptance and agreement to deliver the products to you.

In the event that any product(s) you order are out or stock for any reason or the price is, at the time of your order, higher than is shown on your order we will contact you at the email address or phone number listed on your order. If we are unable to contact you through these means we will process any other products on your order that are noted at the current correct price. We will not supply a replacement product without your prior authorization but we may, at our discretion, offer you a substitute product of higher value at the price offered.

Timberline Industries, LLC, dba Timberline® Guitars, “The Company” reserves the right to modify wholesale, retail and/or MAP pricing of its products at any time and for any reason as The Company deems necessary.

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Returns/exchanges must be approved by Timberline in advance. 15% restocking fee applies.
Timberline Industries, LLC, dba Timberline® Guitars, “The Company”, reserves the right to modify wholesale, retail and/or MAP pricing of its products at any time and for any reason as “The Company” deems necessary.

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