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To produce premium quality acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars that will make you want to play ... at prices you won't believe.

We use no laminates or composites – all our guitars are solid wood and hand–finished to an exacting specification. We bring to players the quality of construction and materials that could until now be found only in instruments costing thousands of dollars. Just take a look at the quality components we use - Grover® brand deluxe gold sealed tuning machines, Tusq® saddles and nuts, real abalone and Mother of Pearl – ebony fingerboards and bridges. The finest and most intricate pinstriping and detailing – not just on our limited edition or premium models, but on every guitar Timberline® makes.

Quality tone woods, solid construction and sound design are the hallmark of every Timberline guitar. Beautiful to hear and see and responsive to the player's touch. Solid Rosewood and Mahogany bodies, solid Sitka, Engelmann Spruce or Pacific Red Cedar soundboards, Macassar Ebony fingerboards and bridges. And every Timberline is notable for gorgeous Abalone and/or Mother-of-Pearl detailing.

Pick one up and play the Timberline way.

Rob Smith founded Timberline® Guitars under a simple premise: To build professional grade, hand–made solid timber guitars for prices well below where guitars of this quality had been sold before.

With a goal of producing the world's finest hand–finished fretted instruments at their respective price points, Timberline® plays close attention to modern techniques of production and process while paying respectful homage to the great guitar designs of the past.

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