T20 Series

Model: T20HGpc

12-String Solid Tropical Mahogany Satin Finish Parlor Acoustic Small Harp Guitar + Soft Shell Case



This modern harp guitar is based on the successful Timberline T20P parlor six string acoustic guitar and includes an easy access  Venetian cutaway body design. Timberline Guitars is proud to offer this, the first all solid steel string harp guitar for under $1,400 US dollars (average street price).  A robust instrument that yields a great balanced tone from the low frequencies of the sub-bass harp arm to the warm and familiar sounds of the auditorium body.

Upgrade to Acoustic-Electric?
Timberline® recommends a dual output system - twin 3-element contact Pure Mini pickups by K&K Sound (melody/guitar output) and a second Pure Mini system for the sub-bass strings. The instrument will feature two 1/4" output jacks to support two cables to two amplifier inputs.


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The T20HGpc is a high quality 100% solid wood entry-level harp guitar that is available at a surprisingly affordable price. Timberline Guitars is proud to offer two (the Parlor body T20HGpc seen here and it's larger sibling the T20HGc Auditorium body) all solid steel string harp guitars for under $1,400 US dollars (average street price). Both instrument represent exception opportunities to expand your musical repertoire as an instrumentalist or singer-accompanist. Get yours today and play the Timberline® way.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 9 × 19.25 in
Electric Upgrade (Harp)

Acoustic Only, Add Factory-Installed Electronics

Featured Video

Video "Stairway To Heaven" courtesy of Marko Zorec Played on T20HGpc

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