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  • Solid Tropical Mahogany top,  back and sides

  • Contrasting Ebony Arm Bevel & Binding  

  • Polyurethane Gloss Finish

  • Available electronics from L.R. Baggs, K&K, 

       Sixtus, Lace or Fishman

2019 Timberline® T30HGc All Solid Wood Tropical Mahogany 12-String Harp Guitar


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• "I can't put this harp guitar down"-Bobby

• "Fit & finish are tight. A range of unfolding tones & textures"-Logan

• "Thank you for allowing me to afford such an amazing instrument"-Glenn

• "I LOVE IT! It's met and passed all expectations.  Intonation is dead on the money." Jeff

• "WOW!  the T60HGc is very impressive. Sitting with it for one hour and it's a keeper!"-Tracy

• "Fretwork is excellent. Binding & inlays perfectly executed. Enormous fun to play"-Scott

• "It's perfect. Workmanship is top-notch, balance between fretted and harp strings is excellent-Kevin

• " VASTLY exceeds expectations in every way.  Craftsmanship is stellar.  The tone could not please me more.  Unreal! - Bob M.

• "I absolutely adore the sound and vibe of it. I apologized to my wife last night-I felt like I was neglecting her for the thing." Jim E.

• "It's awesome" - Ricki L.

• "It's beautiful. Can't stop playing it if I tried" Sean


What do Timberline® Owners Think?

  • Soundhole Rosette: Abalone

  • Neck: Mahogany

  • Fretboard: Macassar Ebony

  • Fretboard Inlay: Micro Dots

  • Headstock Overlay: Ebony

  • Bridge: Macassar Ebony

  • Nut & Saddles: Tusq®

  • Tuners: Gold Grover – Ebony Keys

  • Melody Strings: D'Addario EXP 

  • Harp Sub Bass strings DR 

  • Guitar Scale Length: 24.9"

  • Truss Rod: 2 Way Adjustable

  • Neck Width At Nut: 44 mm

  • Number Of Frets: 20

  • Fretboard Radius: 20"

  • Bracing: Forward Shifted

       Scalloped X

  • Cutaway: Venetian

Add Factory Installed Electronics -

any combo $699

Timberline recommends a dual output system - a piezo under saddle pickup and bridgeplate transducer combination (1st output) combined with a dedicated system for the sub-bass strings.  The system will have two 1/4" output jacks to support two cables to two amplifier inputs

• For melody strings:  • LR Baggs AnthemSL or • K&K Mini

• For sub-bass: •  Sixtus surface mount or • K&K Mini

Add Pro Gig Bag- $200

T 30 HGC 04.5.png
T 30 HGC 02.png
T 30 HGC 01.png

Order by Email to or call 1•888•610•5551

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