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Timberline T70HGc All Solid Wood Tropical Silkwood 12-String Harp Guitar

A modern harp guitar design, based on the luxurious Silkwood Timberline T70Ac
six string acoustic guitar. Which features a classic Venetian cutaway body and high-comfort Ebony arm bevel design on the lower bout. This is a stunning instrument that delivers an amazingly balanced sound with tones ranging from the lowest frequencies of the sub-bass harp arm to the warm and familiar sounds of the auditorium body.

The T70HGc is a finely crafted harp guitar constructed of 100% all solid tone woods, delivering a sound that is as beautiful as its appearance. This instrument is the perfect catalyst to expand your music beyond the norm; whether you’re a finger-style instrumentalist or singer-songwriter. Get your modern harp guitar today and play the Timberline way.


Video Courtesy of Tyler Larson, Larson Media LLC and Music is Win

Timberline® recommends a dual output system - twin 3-element contact Pure Mini pickups by K&K Sound (melody/guitar output) and a second  Pure Mini system for the sub-bass strings.  The instrument will feature two 1/4" output jacks to support two cables to two amplifier inputs

For melody and sub-bass strings:

  • K&K Pure Mini

Add Factory Installed K&K Electronics 

$2,719.00 – 40% (guitar only= $1,631.40) + pickups ($400) = $2,031.40 • Call 1-888-610-5551 for Black Friday Sale Price

Includes 2 K&K Pure Mini Pickups +

Timberline® Pro Soft Case

Order by Email to or call 1•888•610•5551

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