Ty Gallaway

Ty Gallaway, originally from San Antonio, TX moved to Colorado to finish his Bachelor's Degeee in Geology. After graduating Ty started a rock band called Shady Oaks, influenced by modern rock acts such as Jack White and The Black Keys. As lead guitarist, songwriter and vocalist for Shady Oaks, Ty with the band, released their debut EP "Dazed" in 2020. At about the same time Ty began working at Dog House Music Studios in Lafayette, CO as an Audio Engineer. Shady Oaks will be releasing their first studio album in the fall of 2022.

​After discovering Andy McKee during his High School years Ty began to think of acoustic guitar as more of an extension of himself, a musical personal diary. Thus began a period of growth characterized by free–form 'stream of consciousness' innovation. Ideas began to coalesce and form into complete, coherent musical forms and with a full recording studio now at his disposal Ty continues his journey by writing a new purely acoustic album using six–strings and his Timberline T70HGpc Acoustic Parlor body short-scale harp guitar.

​Timberline welcomes Ty to the Timberline Artist roster as of February 2022.

Artist Videos

Video "Falling" courtesy of Ty Gallaway Played on T70HGpc-e

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