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Acoustic Guitar Magazine Review, Timberline® T30Ac Auditorium Cutaway - Solid Sitka Spruce Top

"The T30Ac’s construction and design certainly suggest that it was conceived as a fingerstylist’s instrument. And the even, harmonic resonance derived from a few first-position chords suggests that Timberline nailed the basics of fingerstyle guitar design.

At the neck joint, on the fretboard, and inside the guitar, the workmanship is excellent, if not flawless.

The substantial neck, short scale, and ample string spacing make moving around the fingerboard fast and comfortable, and under light picking the guitar rings with a pleasing, round, and colorful tone. It also invited some full-step blues bends way up the neck in standard tuning, which were eased by the almost jumbo-size fretwire. Lower-register strings, too, rang out with a smooth, round, bell-like quality.

The high build quality and fine timber suggest that  the Timberline will last more than long enough develop a more complex voice and higher volume ceiling. And the guitar’s sweet tones under lighter attack hint at its balanced construction and a well-conceived tonewood recipe."

Guitar Buyer Magazine, T70D Solid Rosewood Dreadnought, T50D Solid Mahogany Dreadnought


"TWO TASTY TIMBERLINES - These guitars put a somewhat modern twist on the all-time classic acoustic blueprint, retaining many of the important design elements while managing to be somewhat more friendly to the fingerpicker than many a traditional dreadnought. The shorter scale length and spacious fingerboards are an interesting move and, on this evidence, a very successful one. More importantly, these guitars get all the important bits right, from raw materials to build, finishing and setup. Timberline seems to be really pushing the price/quality ratio here and, at the risk of descending into cliché, these guitars could be mistaken for instruments at twice the price. For its breadth of sound - especially for fingerstyle - we would spend a little extra and go for the T70D, which also scores highest when it comes to looks. That said, both of these Timberline acoustics are great-sounding guitars.", T70Dc Rosewood Dreadnought Cutaway with Solid Sitka Spruce Top


""The Timberline sounded brilliant and truly inspiring plugged in. A great value solid top acoustic that competes with guitars more than twice its price" -, online Review."

Last Breath - Ron W Richards

Performing Songwriter Magazine, ARG7CS Rosewood Auditorium Cutaway - Solid Sitka Spruce Top


"I have affectionately come to refer to the Timberline ARG-7C-S [Auditorium Cutaway, Rosewood and Sitka Spruce top] as a 'poor man's Taylor 914,' and I mean that as an extreme compliment to both guitars. the [Timberline] ARG-7C-S  holds it's own and gives you a very 914-like tone at less than $800. If you can't afford a 914, the [Timberline] ARG-7C-S would serve you well until you can."  Fett, Technology Editor, Performing Songwriter Magazine

Paul Foshino, VP Marketing, Sony Pro Audio, Timberline T75Ac, Auditorium Cutaway, Cedar Top


"Your line of beautiful guitars immediately caught my eye and I'm so glad I stopped to talk to you. I can't stop playing or looking at my new Timberline - there's nothing like getting a new guitar. I've got to tell you that you had a lot of tough competition. I played some Collings, Breedloves, and Santa Cruz guitars just before playing yours and the Timberline held up real well against some $4,000 guitars. I've compared it to my Taylor 812CE and even though they have completely different sounds I really enjoy the softer sound that the Cedar top on the Timberline brings out - along with the different feel to the neck. Thanks again for a beautiful guitar. You were right when you said years from now I'm really going to be glad I went for the better instrument."
Paul Foschino, VP Marketing, Sony Pro Audio

Acoustic Magazine, T70 Solid Rosewood Dreadnought Standard with Solid Sitka Spruce Top


"The T70 plays every bit as well as it looks for two main reasons - the neck and the set-up. Starting with the mahogany neck, this is a real peach that's obviously designed for a variety of playing styles. This is no vintage "V" or a clubby handful; instead it's a softly rounded 'C' at the cowboy end with a well-judged taper towards the stacked heel. It feels immediately comfortable and familiar, not too thick or thin, and there's enough width for fingerpickers without feeling unnatural for strumming. As for the set-up, this feels like a high-dollar guitar. "



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