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They bought it.  They opened the box, tuned it up and....


What do real players think of their Timberline® Harp Guitar?


Jamie Vause - York, PA - T60HGc Harp Guitar - This has been the best customer service experience I have ever or will ever have. Anywhere. You answered my questions immediately, anticipated the next action and in 24hrs I was tuning up. The harp parlor - Incredible sound. Very responsive and excellent tone. The setup is good for my touch. I play fingerstyle and the action is not too light or heavy. I use a range of tunings and now the harp strings have expanded those possibilities. I spent yesterday experimenting with tunings and the separate pick-up system. The creative mind explodes. Deepest gratitude and respect


Ty Galloway – T70HGpc Parlor Harp Guitar:  It’s been a dream of mine to have one of these guitars…and it is truly the coolest thing I’ve ever played in my life


Bob Merle, Pocatello, ID - Timberline T20HGc: My T20HGc had public debut last night.  I grow more deeply fond of my T20 with every passing day and extoll its virtues to everyone I can.  Simply put, it is the best musical instrument value I have ever stumbled across in 40 years.  Love this thing!

Sean de Burca - Galway, Ireland, T20HGpc Parlor Harp Guitar  This harp guitar is out of this world and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Jeff Sanderson - T60HGc Auditorium Harp Guitar:  I LOVE IT!  It has met and passed all of my expectations.  The intonation on the six string neck is dead on the money; I find that to be something that is really rare.  The sound is amazing!  Very well balanced, no dead spots, no dead notes.  It is fantastic

Logan Wells,Dream Guitars, Weaverville NC - Timberline T20HGc: I’ve been having an absolute ball with the guitar.  Fit and finish are tight, the neck is chunky enough that the nut width isn’t a problem and E Standard and DADF#AD have unfolded in a range of new tones and textures.  It’s lighter than I thought it would be.  Thanks for making this happen.  I’ve wanted to be able to make music like this for a long time.

Andrew Kasab, Cary NC - T60HGc-e  Varying string tensions from multiple different tunings usually, on most other instruments, throw the other strings off a little, but not so with the T60 - very solid.  Sounds great through the system I use, AER Compact 60 with powered subwoofer.

Tony Duys - Timberline® T70HGpc-e acoustic-electric ;   My new rig is pretty awesome.  I collect and play a lot of different string instruments and this one is now my most unique and new favorite.  What a sound!

Brian Hallstrom - Timberline T30HGc Harp Guitar:    I have been exploring my new T30HGc. The workmanship and sound is amazing.  I am predominantly using the traditional 6-string at this point, but I find the resonance picked on the bass strings is really strong and provides a very full sound.

 Jamie Dupuis, Timberline T60HGc Harp Guitar:  

This harp guitar is fantastic.  It’s the best harp guitar you can get for the price.  It has many features, such as the arm bevel, that would make it much more expensive if you went with any other company.

Jon Rittman - Timberline®  T20HGc Harp Guitar:  I have a Timberline T20HGc and absolutely love it - it sounds incredible.

Alberto Whitmer - Just wanted to let you know I got the guitar (T70HGpc Parlor acoustic-electric harp guitar) earlier this week and I have not been able to put it down. It is breautiful and sounds amazing as well.

Chris Mattson - T75GAc Grand Auditorium Guitar:  "I'm amazed by the tone, action, and build quality of this solid timber guitar.  I've been a Taylor owner for over 20 years and not planning a change, but after playing this Timberline® solid cedar-top Grand Auditorium I was sold!!!  This guitar is now my main guitar.  I am a Worship leader and I also play solo gigs in restaurants.  I'm impressed with the K&K Pure Mini pickup option.  If anyone asks my opinion on quality solid acoustic guitars, Timberline® will be my recomendation.

Vince Mendoza – T90GAc Grand Auditorium Guitar:  The Timberline six-string guitars have such a beautiful and articulate tone.  Playability is fantastic.  In a word...Musical.  I love it and have used it almost exclusively for what seems like the last 300 gigs when I play acoustic. Would recommend highly.

They bought it.  They opened the box, tuned it up and....

What do real players think of their Timberline 6–String Guitar?

Paul Foshino – T85Ac Auditorium Guitar:  I played some Collings, Breedloves and Santa Cruz guitars just before playing the Timberline – it held up real well against some $4,000 guitars.  I 've compared my Timberline T85Ac to my Taylor 812CE and even though they have completely different sounds I  really enjoy the softer souild tht the Cedar top on the Timberline® brings out - along with the different feel to the neck.  You were  rigiht when you said years from now I'm really going to be glad I went for the better instrument.

George Hagar – T90Cc Concert Cutaway Orchestra Model: The 90Cc is my second Timberline guitar.  First I bought a T75 GAc cedar top and that experience was so superior to anything I'd played before I wanted to try something higher up the food chain.  I had my sights set on another Grand Auditoruim but when I tried the smaller Concert body I couldn't get over how much bass and sustain this solid Silkwood shallow body had.  The high end sparkles, the midrange has tons of punch and the bass will stand  up to any funky low fret runs I through it.  These are absolutely great guitars.

Bob Merle – T90GAc Grand Auditorium cutaway:  I purchased a custom T90GAc after discussing options with Timberline prior to my final decision.  After receiving this gem of an instrument I sought validation from my good friend and former band-mate Brent King, inarguably one of Idaho's finest musicians and a traditionalist in the sense that he primarily plays very high caliber, pretty much exclusively dreadnaught guitars (Collings, Santa Cruz, Taylor) but not of the snobbish "if it ain't a Martin, it ain't a guitar" school of thought.  Brent was almost entirely unfamiliar w/ the Timberline brand and I was very curious to see how well the new T90GAc would hold up under his shall we say "rigorous" playing style.  I couldn't have been more  pleased at the result, and I won't be surprised at all if Brent doesn't one day acquire a Timberline as a result. He's a very generous individual, but high praise of any instrument by him is hard won & the 90GAc rightly earned a ton of glowing comments from him, firmly cementing my own conclusion that this Timberline is an astonishing instrument at any price, and the Timberline brand by extension worthy of consideration by ANY musician @ any skill level.

​ Acoustic Guitar Magazine:  The 24.9" scale and ample string spacing make moving around the fingerboard fast and comfortable – under light picking the guitar rings with a pleasing, round, and colorful tone. It also invited some full-step blues bends way up the neck in standard tuning. Low-register strings, too, rang out with a smooth, round, bell quality.

Guitar Buyer  Magazine-UK: Tasty Timberlines – These guitars get the important bits right, from raw materials to build, finishing and setup. Timberline seems to be really pushing the price/quality ratio here and, at the risk of descending into cliché, these guitars could be mistaken for instruments at twice the price. For its breadth of sound - especially for fingerstyle, these Timberline acoustics are great-sounding guitars.

Jon Betz - I am absolutely blown away. The amount of resonance and tonal range is unbelievable even when only playing the standard guitar neck. It's a whole new world. I have been experimenting with a Bb blues with the three bass string sets tuned to root and flat 9 for each chord in a I IV V and it has opened the door to exploring voicings and tonality that I never thought possible in my hands. I hoped it would be useful for my jazz practice to allow adventuring into outside playing and complex harmony while staying grounded in the root note, but I can immediately see that this is a whole new avenue of music and sound that I will be exploring for a lifetime. I don't remember if I mentioned this but I was turned on to your guitars because a used T30 came through my local guitar shop. I played with it a few times and could tell there was something there. It sounded great, but boy am I glad I took your advice on the tone woods and chose the T70. And the pickups sound fantastic. This is one of the most incredible instruments I have ever played and immediately lit a new fire inside of me.

John Williams - This guitar is amazing!  Looking forward to many Inspirations, songs, events, posts, etc. with this guitar.  Timberline is my new acoustic instrument of choice.

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