Colin Clyne

For some music is a career, for others it’s a calling. Doricana may be Colin Clyne’s debut album, but it’s built on years of touring, years of honing his acoustic guitar based mix of Celtic, folk and pop influences. The songs on Doricana, are a blend of Clyne's Scottish influences and love of American music, recorded and produced by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Alan Sanderson, best known for his work with The Rolling Stones and Burt Bacharach. Doricana also features Matt Hensley (Flogging Molly) and Dennis Caplinger (Eric Clapton).

A native of Stonehaven, Scotland, Clyne now divides his time between his homeland and Southern California, with a sizeable following in each.


Casey Turner

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Casey Turner spawned from the Florida based punk trio, Liquid Image. With nearly 15 years of punk rock and electric guitars under his belt, CT has learned an appreciation for playing some of the lighter sides of music and now glides on a mellower vibe. He plays out solo and also with his acoustic three piece "The Stained Glass Saints".




Lucas Hoge

Lucas was born in the small town of Hubbell, Nebraska, population 50. The entire Hoge family loves to sing and at a young age Lucas found his calling.

Lucas was nominated for “Male Country Singer/Songwriter of the Year” for “Dirt” and twice for “Male Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter of the Year” with “Reign Over Me” and “Get The Door”, he was also nominated for “Country Album Of The Year” for “DIRT” in the 16th Annual LA Music Awards 2006. Lucas walked away with winning: “Country Album Of The Year” and “Male Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter Of The Year” for “Get The Door”.

Currently, Lucas is nominated again in the LA Music Awards for “Pop Song of The Year” with “If Only I Could”. Lucas is recording a new single “Medal Of Honor” (written by Lucas Hoge, Laura Lynn and Corey Barker) then in 2008 he will go on the “Medal Of Honor” tour across the US.


Sheila Sondergard

"Sheila Sondergard is a sizzling, mouthy melting pot of ideas, beliefs and quick one-liners, and it is reflected in her music. This intrepid Korean and Danish singer-songwriter was playing open mics at the age of 16. When performing live, Sondergard’s small stature and larger-than-life vocalization command the room. Her smoky, breathy voice and acoustic folk-rock style guitar tell the story of a life in which lyrical wisdom has been born out of hardship and self-reliance. She embodies a hybrid sound. It makes no promises, it is raw and honest and real. From living on the beach in Maui, to a cattle ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming, to the Central American backdrop of Guatemala and then into sunny San Diego, Sondergard has experienced a little more “life” than the average young adult. Because of this, she draws upon the drama of circumstance and everything in between the lines to create her own distinct and haunting sound. Sondergard’s next step is trying to gain the popularity to match her credibility." Kelly Grace - (Downtown San Diego Magazine)




Jenny Beck

Jenny Beck is a Swedish singer/songwriter. She relocated to the UK in 2001 to further her music career and has since written, produced and recorded three CDs that have attracted much attention from record labels, the music press, radio stations and internet music sites world-wide. Though her main genres are Folk/Pop and Acoustic music she is often experimenting with various kinds of genres, such as R&B, Pop, Soul and Blues - genres that feature on her latest CD "On The Outside" which is out now and available to order through the official Jenny Beck website, iTunes, tapintomusic.com and uksounds.com, to name but a few online shops. The CD is also distributed by the world's leading digital distributor of music, The Orchard.


Christopher Dean

Christopher Dean performes Celtic and American folk music in the fingerstyle and flatpick traditions on 6 and 12 string guitars. All three of Chris' albums have been sold world wide, receiving radio play in Canada, the U.S., Europe, the UK, and Australia. Additional exposure on Internet radio stations has taken his music world wide. Chris' music has also been released on 3 compilation albums in Italy, 5 in Japan, and one in the U.S. Starting a professional career in music in 1966, Chris has performed at concert venues with "The Rolling Stones", "The Rascals", "The Doors", and more recently with Skyedance, Men of Worth, The Wicked Tinkers, Alasdair Fraser, and Brian Baynes, to name a few. Beginning in 2008, Chris will also be touring and performing with the duo, Baynes & Dean. Dublin-born Brian Baynes started his musical career in touring bands in Ireland.


Stephanie Deskins

24-year-old Stephanie Deskins, a talented country songwriter, appears on the brink of a very promising career. Deskins has made good use of the Internet to kick off her career. With two Web sites (stephdeskins.com and myspace.com/goldguitarsmusic), the artist has managed to generate quite a lot of interest in her heartfelt tunes.

Her songs have been played on Internet radio stations based in Florida, Illinois, New Zealand and Germany, and she’s been attracting attention from some broadcast outlets.

The Internet-based Kick Radio (www.kickradio.com) has really taken Deskins under its wing. “As an independent artist, you have to take it upon yourself to take initiative and get things done,” she said. “I actually contacted them on behalf of my sponsors and the next thing I know, they’re playing my tunes. Right now, they’re spinning ‘The Fall’ and ‘When You Come Around.’ We’ll probably be sending them more at a later date once we see how well these do. Kick has actually booked me for an interview with their station. I was honored as being only the second artist on their station to have two songs spinning at the same time.”

Steph began writing songs when she was just 8 years old. “About then was when I started watching the artists on the old TNN network and figured, ‘They sing and play guitar. Where do the songs come from?’ I didn’t have a concept of songwriters. I figured the artists did everything themselves so that’s the route I went — doing everything myself.”

She hasn’t been making music entirely on her own, though. She has worked with Jason Roller, the guitarist for Sarah Johns, as well as CURB Records artist Jeff Carson and Monument Records’ LoCash (seen on Tanya Tucker’s show, “Tuckerville”) among others. Deskins is looking for local collaborators, because many of the Nashville-based artists she works with spend so much time on the road.


Paul Rice

Independent Christian recording artist Paul Rice is honored to be endorsed by Timberline Guitars. Incorporating many playing styles in recent years, Paul has concentrated most recently on developing finger-style techniques. The Timberline T85Ac has proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered. With its rosewood back and sides and premium western red cedar sound board, it uses the same solid tone woods as the much more expensive Taylor 714 but has the added benefit of having a short-scale neck, ebony fingerboard, and L.R. Baggs iMix electronics. Paul calls it a "finger-pickin' machine!" Along with his wife, Rachael, Paul is currently in the studio working on their next Rice Family Records project - "Hymned In Song". For information on its release date and subsequent tour, check out www.myspace.com/paulrachael. For information on Paul's teaching ministry, check out Gospel Guitar Workshops at www.myspace.com/gospelguitarworkshops.



Bob Halloran

Fingerstyle 6 and 12-string guitarist for 35 years found a new passion for the 6-string guitar with a Timberline guitar. "I am anxious to get a new CD out playing this guitar, and I will be on the road full time once again starting this May." Traveling the country in a motorhome for 17 years playing guitar, and playing a little pool, there are a lot of story's to be told...and many of them are best told through his guitar playing. "On The Halfshell", and "Leapfrog" CDs are both available at www.bobhalloran.com and  www.myspace.com/bobhalloran.

"After searching for a long time I have found a great new 6-string that is everything I have been searching for. Timberline guitars are also VERY reasonably priced compared to so many other fine guitars out there. I have been playing a Taylor 12-string modified to a 6-string for a few years now...great guitar but that "magic" just wasn't in it.

I've always continued to play guitar but for the last several years the passion had seemed to be missing...not anymore! My fingers are on fire again! I hope to have a complete new CD recorded before hitting the road in May! Happy Trails! ~ Bob



Chase McBride

Timberline artist Chase McBride, 19 years old, based out of San Luis Obispo, CA., is focused on spreading his unique brand of mellow folk-rock. Having over 9 years of formal musical training, Chase has decided to break away from playing with bigger bands to write and perform his own music. Moving from his hometown of Billings, MT., where he played in several largely popular local bands, Chase has planted new roots on the Central Coast of California. Since being in the San Luis Obispo area, word of Chase's music has begun to spread to all parts of California and beyond through a grass-roots, word-of-mouth process.

Combining elements of folk, reggae, rock, and indie, Chase has shared the stage with such bands as Still Time, Future of Forestry, Kapakahi, Shelley Short, and Reed KD to name a few, playing to audiences of 1500+ at his largest venues. Chase has also worked with the hugely popular New Rock 107.3 in the San Luis area, performing his song, "Bright City", and participating in on-air interviews.

With his debut E.P. in the works, titled A Light Through the Window, Chase is focused on continuing to write truly unique music, as well as providing memorable and intimate live performances. With a growing fan base and help from prominent figures in the California music industry, Chase is now taking his music to the next level.



Raphael McGregor

Brooklyn-based guitarist Raphael McGregor is proud to be an addition to the Timberline roster. As a freelance musician in New York City, Raphael has had the opportunity to study and perform with world-class musicians including Cyro Baptista, Allesandra Beloni, Frank London, Alan Harris, and the Klezmatics. As a member of the world-music act Nation Beat, Raphael is bringing his unique blend of country, bluegrass and Brazilian music to stages all over North America, including Montreal Jazz Fest, Ottawa Bluesfest, New York’s SOB’s, and Boston’s Regattabar in support of their new album “Legends of the Preacher.”




Matthew Barlow

“I’m always seeking to evolve in my playing and songwriting. I never want to stagnate - I try to remain open.” – Matthew Barlow

Barlow's music is innovative and diverse. The styles shift from casual folk, intricate finger style compositions, to warm electric textures. Matt’s primary form of songwriting is instrumental. The instrumental dynamic is visual, open, and employs elements of minimalism. Matt believes that through his instrumentals, he is able to express himself much more honestly and effectively than he could with lyric.

Matthew has been playing guitar most of his life, exploring a variety of musical directions. His path has led him through many styles of music, playing everything from punk and psychedelic rock to experimental improvisation. He continues to write original material for solo performance while keeping his hand in collaborative musical projects.

Three elements remain constant in Barlow’s music: quality of musicianship, honesty of expression, and creativity in the songwriting.

Matthew Barlow's creative vision remains broad, his inspirations diverse. His music will continue to evolve – reflecting his musical and intellectual passions. He is honored to be part of the Timberline family of Artists.



Jeff Hayes

Independent Christian singer /songwriter Jeff Hayes has been writing and performing Christian music since he was sixteen years old. As a Christian minister, Jeff is on stage two to three times a week performing and leading congregational worship. Whether it’s solo or with his band LifeLight, Jeff’s favorite acoustic guitar is his Timberline T80Dc.

“I find myself wanting to play more often. The rich, warm tones of the Javanese Rosewood and the bright, dynamic response of the Canadian Engelmann Spruce combine to inspire new creativity. This is a guitar that rewards you for playing it. I have other acoustic guitars, but my Timberline is the only one I play now.”


2012 Timberline Guitars USA.